Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three weeks to the big show!

Another great class session on Tuesday - Sophie is coping very well with the 'judge' on course. I only lost her once when I muffed a send to the tunnel (consistent handling is vital!) - otherwise, she's driving round the course without even a glance at the trainer. I'll need to start getting 'ring crew' sitting on the side as well. We als did a few lateral lead outs, sending Soph to a tunnel when I was about 5 feet away, angled slightly off so that Soph had to find the entrance - not an issue at all.

This week is a busy one - tomorrow is Open House at the training centre, and we'll be doing agility demos and a fun match. Monday we're off to an outside practice of full runs under trial conditions, and of course Tuesday night is class time... the rest of the week we'll be resting!

Quote of the week: "Ask not what your dog can do for you, ask what you can do for your dog"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CHIN picnic is over for another year - what a weekend! Sophie did me proud, staying focussed and setting new personal records in the high jump - she only drifted off twice in 9 shows, both times to a young girl sitting on the sidelines. (although getting her away from the tiger scent on the start line was a bit tough, she did behave once we started running. )

She also showed proficiency in frisbee catching - too bad my frisbee throwing is abysmal

Tuesday night class was a hard one - we're in the middle of a humid heat wave so I wasn't expecting her to be at her best, but she did me proud. Our last full run had a frame then turn away from me to the tunnel - trainer/judge was on far side watching us - sophie held the contact on the frame, looked directly at the judge and then took my instruction into the tunnel and to finish the course cleanly. WOOHOO!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

CHIN Picnic!

This is the 2nd year that we've taken part in Team K9's performing dog demonstrations and how far we've come! Last year it was HARD work to keep her working with me- this year, she was sailing around the steeplechase course with beautiful focus. Even the weave pole challenge (not her best obstacle) posed little trouble for her - she was able to run them cleanly for four runs, meaning that she ran 8 sets of 12 weave poles perfectly.. GOOD girl! Our second show involved a 24 pole timed run, and even though we usually do 6 in practice, and only occasionally does she see 12 - I was able to keep her hopping through until the 20 or 22 pole, when she missed her footing - not too shabby at all! The crowds are huge and enthusiastic at this event, and Soph handled herself beautifully.. what a good good girly!

We've got two more days of shows - I am so pleased with today, the rest of the weekend will be icing!